Ghost rider 2020

 Chain Events Racing knows how hard it is when you have trained for race season and suddenly there are no races. Well maybe we can fix that! Introducing the Ghost Rider Strava Race. Here's how it will work. You can race any time between now through April 30th. The top ten finishers will get their choice of a Chain Events Racing hat or shirt. The top three finishers will get a free race entry to any of future Chain Events Race and no E-bikes Chris!

Email me your Strava race results and info after May 30th, to claim your prize.(

The race course starts at the 332 and Iron Spring Trailhead. Catch Westside Story and you are on your way. The course runs counter-clockwise.

Here is the Garmin GPX. You can also use the trail forks one in the upper right.

Please be courteous to other people on the trail while you are killing it out there. 

You too could join...

Just go out and Strava your race.....